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Top 5 Ways KMG’s Turnkey Medical Imaging Solutions Can Help You

Efficiency, Excellence, and Expertise – Your Mobile, Interim Mobile and Fixed Base Turnkey Medical Imaging Partner

Amid the dynamic landscape of healthcare, medical facilities like hospitals and imaging centers regularly encounter a host of obstacles that impede their effectiveness and financial success. These challenges include: patient backlog, fragmented care, and unmet returns on investments (ROI), posing significant hurdles on a daily basis. Benefiting from more than four decades of experience in the imaging industry, KMG ‘s turnkey medical imaging solutions tackle these issues head-on, resulting in streamlined operations, elevated patient satisfaction, and maximized financial performance.

1. Patient Backlog: Unlocking the Doors to Delivering Efficient Care

One of the primary concerns confronting hospitals and imaging centers is the increasingly daunting patient backlog. The continuous surge in demand for medical imaging scans poses a significant challenge to efficiently manage and optimize patient flow. This situation results in prolonged wait times and discontented patients, while also exerting immense pressure on resources, ultimately hampering the facility’s overall efficiency.

At KMG, we recognize the urgency of addressing this issue head-on. By partnering with us, you can provide your patients with mobile MRI, CT and PET/CT imaging services for any desired amount of time. Your KMG Sales Representative will be able to review short or long-term leasing options to help you decide what makes sense for your facility. Your Mobile Unit (trailer) will come fully equipped with everything you need such as:

  • Coils (Head, Neck, Spine, Body, Small Flex, Large Flex, Shoulder, Wrist, Knee
  • Injector
  • Changing curtain
  • IT/Connections
  • Chairs and Desk
  • Stereo System
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Mobile Safe Gurneys

Staffing struggles can also impact efficient patient care. With longer wait times and delayed exam results, overall clinic operations are impacted. At KMG, we help alleviate these staffing issues by only offering ARRT certified clinical staff. Our medical technologists and support staff are hand-picked to ensure that they are a seamless fit for you and your facility. Furthermore, we require rigorous drug and background screenings as well as hold professional medical liability insurance on all our employees that are providing medical services to patients.

2. Lack of Continuity of Care: Connecting the dots for patients and healthy outcomes

Healthcare providers encounter yet another significant challenge in the form of a lack of continuity of care. When hospitals or imaging centers lack the necessary imaging equipment or setup, meeting the demands for imaging becomes an insurmountable task. This inability to offer essential imaging services results in potential patient dissatisfaction and revenue loss. 

KMG specializes in tailor-made solutions aimed at fostering collaboration and improving care coordination throughout the healthcare ecosystem. Our expertise lies in providing advanced medical imaging solutions that enable your facility to uphold the highest standards of patient care. By integrating Mobile or Interim Mobile Imaging Units from KMG, you eliminate the need to refer patients elsewhere for scans, thereby reducing the risk of losing them to other providers or facilities. This seamless continuity of care promotes a patient-centered approach, nurturing a strong bond between the patient and the healthcare provider. Maintaining ongoing relationships between patients and their healthcare team encourages a sense of comfort and trust, facilitating open discussions about health concerns, sharing personal information, and engaging in shared decision-making. The result is improved healthcare outcomes and heightened patient satisfaction.

3. Missed ROI: Maximizing Your Healthcare and Imaging Investments

In an era of tightening budgets and increasing financial pressures, hospitals and imaging centers face the constant challenge of achieving a return on their investments. A loss of ROI can have a cascading effect on equipment, staffing, patient care, research, facility maintenance, and financial stability. It may also hinder the department’s ability to provide high-quality services, impede technological advancements, and compromise patient outcomes. Therefore, it is essential for hospitals and imaging centers to prioritize their investments and financial sustainability to ensure continued success.

KMG understands the significance of optimizing ROI for healthcare and imaging investments. With our Mobile or Interim turnkey medical imaging solutions and our leasing and financing options – you can continue to grow and sustain your patient populations and advance your technology all while maintaining a low monthly cost. KMG’S site planning guide addresses every possible need and contingency to ensure that you have the right mobile imaging equipment and support along the way.

4. Fixed Base: Advantages of Having a Cutting-Edge In-House Imaging Suite

KMG offers custom-designed Fixed-Base suites with enhanced patient comfort, efficient patient flow, and pleasing interior design. These in-house suites efficiently handle immobile, trauma, and convalescent patients, ensuring continuous service during upgrades with mobile units. A customized Fixed-Base suite contributes to physician retention and recruitment efforts, making patients rely on your facility for timely scans. The state-of-the-art facility demonstrates your commitment to top-notch care and provides round-the-clock access to imaging capabilities. KMG ensures minimal disruption to patient workflow by offering an Interim mobile unit during construction. A Fixed-Base PET/CT suite positions your facility as a premier destination for PET/CT scanning, attracting more patients and increasing profits. Combining advanced CT and PET technology offers physicians superior tools for precise disease diagnosis.

Siemens Avanto MRI Equipment
fixed based imaging

5. Tailored Turnkey Solutions

At KMG, we recognize that each imaging solution is unique. Whether you are an imaging center seeking to add your first fixed-base imaging solution or hospital looking to expand with a secondary suite due to increased volumes- we understand the importance of tailoring the solution to your specific needs. Factors such as patient types, scan volumes, system requirements, and room aesthetics play a crucial role in shaping your customized suite. The KMG team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Our integrated approach goes beyond equipment and services. We provide capital equipment financing, project management, allied medical staffing, and business development strategies. Our success is driven by adapting to the evolving healthcare landscape and assisting customers in navigating changes effectively.

Embrace a Future-Proof Healthcare Landscape: Your Partnership with KMG

As an employee-owned enterprise with a proven track record of over four decades in the imaging industry, we possess the knowledge and experience needed to deliver flawless turnkey medical imaging solutions. Our personalized approach enables hospitals and imaging centers to: effectively tackle patient backlogs, improve continuity of care, and capitalize on previously overlooked ROI opportunities. Leveraging our extensive industry expertise, state-of-the-art technologies, and unwavering commitment to client prosperity, healthcare organizations can excel in a highly competitive landscape while delivering the utmost quality of care to their patients.

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