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Mobile MRI systems

Mobile MRI Trailer Dimensions: Preparation

As your prepare for a mobile MRI trailer to arrive at your facility. You may wonder how long and how wide is the trailer? What does the scan room look like or how much space will we have. Below, you will discover the dimensions of a Mobile MRI and just how much room you and your staff will have. At KMG, we want you to transition to our mobiles easily.

Mobile MRI Trailer Dimensions

There are many MRI trailers in the industry but most of them have similar dimensions. If you take a look at the image, the trailer itself is 48’ X 8.5’. This is the industry standard for most MRI systems. Occasionally there is at 12’ X 60’ which will provide extra room through the trailer but requires more parking space and are very limited.

Scan Room

Mobile MRI scan rooms are not able to expand like mobile CT scanners. You are restricted to the area provided. The Image below shows a CAD drawing of the scan room in a mobile This space does get a little cozy at times. Especially if you are scanning a patient who requires a gurney. (If you plan on using a Gurney, please discuss with your account executive prior to mobile arrival). For guidance, please take a look at the pictures below to see what mobile scan rooms look like.

Control Room

The control room for mobile system do provide quite a bit of room. Each mobile is equipped with cupboards for storage and supplies along with countertops for computers and a work space. Most units have a changing curtain for patients to change that is near the entrance of the trailer. You will see many looks and designs, each one giving the patients the feel of being in a MRI hospital suite.

Power Plug Length

When parking the mobile mri trailer, you need to consider the distance from the russellstoll connection. Plugins on most mobile units are around 45’ long. To be safe, I would recommend making sure the mobile is less than 40 feet from connection area. You also must consider where the plug cord will be located. If it is near a door way, you do not want your patients having to walk over the power cable!

Download KMG Mobile Site Planning Guide

If you are interested in learning the fine details and having a guide to help you going forward. Please download the KMG Site Planning Guide. A link to the guide is below. This guide will help you as you prepare for your next KMG mobile to arrive.

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