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MRI Costs for Parked Mobile Unit

What Comes With a Mobile MRI Lease?

Over the years we have leased out many mobile systems. One of the main questions our customers have is what comes with the mobile mri lease? What coils and other equipment is on the unit? Below is some basic info to help you find out what is standard on the unit.

Coils Included With Mobile MRI

  • Head
  • Neck
  • Spine
  • Body
  • Small Flex
  • Large Flex
  • Shoulder
  • Wrist Knee

Other Equipment


If you are in need of an injector, do not worry. Standard mobile mri lease will have an injector on the unit. It would be in your best interest to check the system spec sheet provided by your sales executive to see what is on that unit, excatly. Systems fluctuate between Medrad single or dual head injectors.

Changing Curtain-

It is always nice to have a place for your patients to change. A changing curtain that is near the entrance of the mobile will provide just that. The curtain gives you enough space for one person to quickly change.

IT/ Connections

During your rental you will want to connect the unit to your PACS. Mobile systems will have a CAT5 connection below the belly of the trailer. Most units are equipped with two connections that can be connected to yours outside.  If you are in need of more connections, please let your sales rep or operations manager know prior to the mobile arriving.

Chairs & Desk

Mobile Siemens Espree Control Room

The main space in the mobile is equipped with a  long desk and office chairs safe for the mobile. Most units will have two chairs and desk space for two to three people.  

Stereo System

KMG mobile systems are equipped with a stereo system that plays throughout the mobile unit. Most have the ability to plug an auxiliary cord as well. This can give your patients a better opportunity to relax

Fire Extinguishers

Safety is a very important need. Each mobile system has two fire extinguishers place on the mobile. Some units also have fire alarm systems that can connect to your facility. Please make sure to ask your KMG sales representative if that is needed.

More Information

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